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  • Monthly Active Users

  • Time Spent/Daily
    123 Mins

  • Gender
    M-70% F-30%

  • Age
    18-45 years

What are my targeting option for Airtel TV Ad?

Here's how you can reach the right set of potential customers
Reach your customers based on what they like to do.
Reach your target users in a specific state or city.
Tailor creatives according to language preference.

With releaseMyAd, you can now:

Choose to spend what you wish and have full control of your campaign.

Why choose releaseMyAd to book Ads on Airtel TV?

Here's why you should choose to directly book your Ads on Airtel TV via us:

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Who can I target on Airtel TV?

With over 100 million downloads till date, the Airtel TV app caters to an audience of over 250 million, making it the second largest online video audience in India. On average, 20 million people use the Airtel TV app in a month. Available in 15 languages in a range of genres including sports, movies, TV shows, news and original content, Airtel TV was India’s most downloaded video app in 2018.

The Airtel TV app was the most downloaded video app in India in the year 2018, and is available across India on both Android and Apple devices. Airtel TV offers more than 350 Live TV channels, more than 10,000 movie selections and an extensive selection of TV shows and original programs for viewing and downloading. Airtel TV’s wide range of offerings makes it a platform that is accessible for people of varied interests and tastes. This, in turn, makes it the obvious choice for your mobile advertising needs. releaseMyAd helps you harness Airtel TV’s diverse audience and get your brand message across to your target audience by advertising in Airtel TV app. Through the use of video ads in Airtel TV, one can grab the attention of viewers as they are highly engaged.

releaseMyAd is at the forefront of the mobile advertising revolution. Mobile advertising in Airtel TV helps you reach a large number of people and turn viewers into valuable leads. Utilise in-stream ads in Airtel TV to broaden your brand reach and optimise your marketing campaign.

Why advertise on Airtel TV?

releaseMyAd makes advertising in mobile apps a breeze. Simplifying mobile advertising, advertising in Airtel TV via releaseMyAd is hassle-free and quick. With just a few clicks, your ad campaign will go live. Follow these 5 steps and launch your ad campaign in the Airtel TV app!

1. Select Airtel TV App
From the list of apps on the releaseMyAd platform, select the Airtel TV app
2. Set Campaign
Set your desired budget for the advertising campaign in Airtel TV. Select the dates for your campaign and the duration for which it is to run on the Airtel TV app.
3. Go Live
Provide us with your ad creatives for Airtel TV according to specifications on our platform, make your payment and you’re all set to launch your ad campaign!
4. Track Performance
Track the performance of your ad campaign on Airtel TV with real-time data and live updates. We provide you with daily reports to enable you to track your campaign’s performance.
5. Optimise Campaign
Armed with our daily reports and live updates, you can make changes to your ad campaign as you deem necessary to optimise performance.

Why advertise on Airtel TV through releaseMyAd?