• Downloads

  • Monthly Active Users
    78 M

  • Time Spent/Daily
    29 Mins

  • Gender
    M-65% F-35%

  • Age
    18-34 years

What are my targeting option for Gaana Ad?

Here's how you can reach the right set of potential customers
Reach your customers based on what they like to do.
Reach your target users in a specific state or city.
Demographically target users within your buying target.
Serve ads on a specific platform, device model or network.

Tailor creatives according to language preference.
Schedule when you want to reach your audience.
Reach specifically male or female audience.

Why choose releaseMyAd to book Ads on Gaana?

Here's why you should choose to directly book your Ads on Gaana via us:

  • Why should you advertise in Gaana?
  • How can you advertise in Gaana?
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Who can I target on Gaana?

Ever since its launch in 2010, Gaana’s popularity as a platform for high-quality music has grown rapidly, and it has become India’s largest ad-supported music streaming platform. With over 100 million app downloads till date, Gaana is India’s largest audio streaming service. Gaana offers free and unlimited access to an extensive selection of music spanning more than 45 genres and over 30 languages. More than 2 billion songs are streamed on the platform in a month on average by a highly engaged audience across India. With more than 40% of music playouts being in regional languages, Gaana’s audience base is diverse and varied, making the platform the ideal channel for you to communicate your brand message. Reach your target audience through in-stream ads on Gaana.

Aptly dubbed ‘India’s favourite music app’, Gaana truly has something for everyone’s taste. Through audio ads in Gaana, releaseMyAd helps you reach out to your desired audience. Being a leader in online and mobile advertising, releaseMyAd helps you leverage Gaana’s extensive reach with its vast experience and expertise in mobile and app advertising.

Gaana caters to a young, engaged audience and almost 90% of its traffic is via mobile. More than 73% of its users are below the age of 35. With over 44% of its audience being from non-tier-1 cities across India, Gaana has successfully made inroads into the Indian market, placing itself in the top spot in the audio-on-demand space. Advertise in Gaana app through releaseMyAd and transform listeners into valuable leads.

Why advertise on Gaana?

releaseMyAd makes advertising in mobile apps quick and easy. Advertising in Gaana via releaseMyAd is quick and simple. Make your ad go live with just a few clicks.

Follow these 5 steps to launch your ad campaign in the Gaana app.

1. Select Gaana App
From our list of apps, select the Gaana app on the releaseMyAd platform.
2. Set Campaign
Set your budget for the advertising campaign and select the dates for your campaign as well as the duration it is to run for on Gaana.
3. Go Live
Give us your ad creatives for Gaana according to our specifications, make your payment and your ad campaign will go live!
4. Track Performance
Get real-time data and live updates of how your campaign is performing from us. We provide you with daily reports so you can keep a check on your campaign’s performance.
5. Optimise Campaign
With our daily reports and live updates, you can make the necessary changes to the ad campaign as deemed fit to optimise performance.

Why advertise on Gaana through releaseMyAd?