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What are my targeting option for Hungama Ad?

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Who can I target on Hungama?

A pioneer in the digital entertainment space, Hungama is India’s first and largest on-demand digital entertainment service, offering over 2.5 million pieces of content spanning a wide range of genres and languages. Providing an extensive selection of more than 2 million music tracks and more than 5000 Bollywood, Hollywood, regional films from across India as well as a generous selection of TV series. Hungama also offers music videos and other mobile content such as ringtones and wallpapers.

With over 20 million users, the Hungama platform registers over 22 million visits in a month on average. Accessible via computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices, users are able to stream and download content of their choice. With its presence in over 47 countries, Hungama caters to over 1.5 billion people around the world, making it a highly attractive channel for your advertising and marketing requirements. releaseMyAd helps you advertise in Hungama through in-stream ads to transform listeners into valuable leads. Target your desired audience through audio ads that play between music tracks.

Hungama’s next-generation mobile app delivers the best in audio and video content, allowing users to add content to their favourites, create playlists and share it with their friends. On average, over 136 million songs are streamed in a month on the platform, and an astounding 94% of its user traffic is via mobile devices. Advertise in Hungama through releaseMyAd and leverage its massive audience base and fine-tune your advertising campaigns. Mobile advertising is a highly lucrative method to increase sales and mobile advertising in Hungama through releaseMyAd will help you gain brand recognition.

Why advertise on Hungama?

releaseMyAd helps you advertise in mobile apps with the greatest ease. Advertising in Hungama via releaseMyAd is fast and hassle-free and a few clicks are all it takes to launch your ad campaign. Follow these 5 steps to make your ad campaign go live.

1.Select the Hungama App
Select the Hungama app from the list of apps on the releaseMyAd platform.
2. Set Campaign
Fix the budget for your advertising campaign on Hungama. Decide the dates and duration for your ad campaign to run.
3. Go Live
Provide us with your ad creatives for Hungama according to specifications on our platform, make your payment and your ad campaign will go live!
4. Track Performance
We provide real-time data and live updates to help you keep a check on your campaign’s performance. Be updated on how your ad campaign is performing with our daily reports.
5. Optimise Campaign
Make changes to your campaign as you feel necessary to improve performance based on our daily reports and live updates.

Why advertise on Hungama through releaseMyAd?