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  • Monthly Active Users

  • Time Spent/Daily
    44 Mins

  • Gender
    M-70% F-30%

  • Age
    18-34 years

What are my targeting option for Saavn Ad?

Here's how you can reach the right set of potential customers
Reach your customers based on what they like to do.
Reach your target users in a specific state or city.
Demographically target users within your buying target.
Serve ads on a specific platform, device model or network.

Reach specifically male or female audience.

Why choose releaseMyAd to book Ads on Saavn?

Here's why you should choose to directly book your Ads on Saavn via us:

  • Why should you advertise in Saavn?
  • How can you advertise in Saavn?
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Saavn through releaseMyAd?

Who can I target on Saavn?

Saavn offers an extensive music selection of more than 50 million track listings across 15 languages. With over 19 million people using the platform in a month on average in India, and over 22 million around the world. Saavn collaborates with reputed artists and is associated with numerous established celebrities.

Saavn offers an intuitive user interface and user experience, an extensively wide selection of music and long-form audio programming to a premium and highly engaged audience across India and abroad. Listeners spend an average session of 44 minutes on the platform and Saavn offers high-quality original content in addition to its music selections. Catering to over 19 million people in 15 languages, Saavn’s products cover the length and breadth of India as well as select foreign markets. Saavn has a network of more than 300 advertisers and deep social integration and partnerships with social media companies, making it the ideal channel for your mobile advertising needs.

releaseMyAd helps you leverage Saavn’s extensive audience base to get your marketing message across to your target audience through in-stream ads. Saavn, through its network, connects you to a cosmopolitan and highly engaged audience. A user spends 40 minutes on the platform on average on any given day. Advertise in Saavn app through releaseMyAd and reach the maximum possible users through audio ads that play between audio content on the platform. releaseMyAd helps you leverage user data so you can advertise on Saavn app to get the right message to the right audience.

Why advertise on Saavn?

releaseMyAd, with its experience and expertise, simplifies mobile and app advertising. Advertising in Saavn via releaseMyAd is quick and hassle-free. A few clicks are all it takes to make your ad campaign go live.

Follow these 5 steps to launch your ad campaign in the Saavn app.

1. Select the Saavn App
From our list of apps, select the Saavn app on the releaseMyAd platform.
2. Set Campaign
Set the budget for your ad campaign on Saavn as well as the dates and duration you want it to run for.
3. Go Live
Provide us with your ad creatives for Saavn according to the specifications on the releaseMyAd platform, make the payment and your ad campaign will go live!
4. Track Performance
Get real-time data and live updates of how your campaign is performing from us. We provide you with daily reports so you can keep a check on your campaign’s performance.
5. Optimise Campaign
With our daily reports and live updates, you can make the necessary changes to the ad campaign as deemed fit to optimise performance.

Why advertise on Saavn through releaseMyAd?