• Downloads

  • Monthly Active Users

  • Time Spent/Daily
    41 Mins

  • Gender
    M-75% F-25%

  • Age
    18-24 years

What are my targeting option for Wynk Ad?

Here's how you can reach the right set of potential customers
Reach your customers based on what they like to do.
Reach your target users in a specific state or city.
Demographically target users within your buying target.
Serve ads on a specific platform, device model or network.

Tailor creatives according to language preference.
Target customers based on the content they consume.

With releaseMyAd, you can now:

Choose to spend what you wish and have full control of your campaign.

Why choose releaseMyAd to book Ads on Wynk?

Here's why you should choose to directly book your Ads on Wynk via us:

  • Why should you advertise in Wynk?
  • How can you advertise in Wynk?
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Wynk through releaseMyAd?

Who can I target on Wynk?

Wynk is a highly popular music streaming platform and advertising on Wynk helps you and your brand connect better with your target audience. Wynk is used by a mostly younger, engaged and curious audience, making the platform an attractive channel for your mobile advertising needs. Wynk offers advertisers the 2nd largest online video audience in India with over 4 million people using the platform daily.

Airtel’s premium quality music streaming service caters to a vibrant and diverse audience across the length and breadth of India. With over 100 million app installs till date and 21 million active users tuning in, 1.5 billion songs are streamed on the service every month. Wynk’s service is utilised by a mostly young and engaged audience, with over 79% of its users belonging to the 18-34 year age group and 41 minutes being the average time a user spends on the platform per session. Mobile advertising on releaseMyAd helps you leverage this large and engaged audience base to turn listeners into potential customers.

Being at the forefront of the internet advertising revolution, releaseMyAd helps you reach your audience through in-stream ads on Wynk. Target your desired audience effectively through audio ads on Wynk and communicate your message through the use of strategic targeting methods. Advertise on Wynk app through releaseMyAd based on interest, location, age, the device a user accesses the platform from, and even the language and nature of the content they consume.

Why advertise on Wynk?

releaseMyAd simplifies advertising on mobile apps. Advertising on Wynk through releaseMyAd is quick and easy. A few clicks are all it takes for your ad to go live. Follow these 5 steps to and your ad campaign go live.

1. Select the Wynk App
From our list of apps on the releaseMyAd platform, select the Wynk app.
2. Set Campaign
Set the budget for your advertising campaign on Wynk as well as the dates and duration for your ad to run.
3. Go Live
Provide your ad creatives according to specifications on the platform, make your payment and watch your ad campaign on Wynk go live!
4. Track Performance
We provide real-time data and live updates of your campaign’s performance. Check how your campaign is performing with our daily reports.
5. Optimise Campaign
Based on our daily reports and live updates, make changes to your campaign as you see fit to improve performance.

Why advertise on Wynk through releaseMyAd?