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What are my targeting option for ZEE5 Ad?

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Who can I target on ZEE5?

ZEE5 offers an extensively large array of premium quality content in 12 languages across categories including Indian and international movies, TV shows, live TV programmes, lifestyle shows, exclusive short series, plays and children’s programmes. Offering over 90 live TV channels, more than 500 TV series across 8 Indian languages, a vast selection of movies, ZEE5 offers more than 1,25,000 hours of viewable content.

Available on its website as well as its dedicated app for mobile phones and tablets, ZEE5 offers a truly integrated and seamless user experience for viewers. Its wide range of content caters to an equally diverse audience base across the length and breadth of India. ZEE5 gets over 161 million video views in a month on average by more than 21 million people, of whom approximately 1.5 million people are daily users. A user spends approximately 83 minutes consuming content on the ZEE5 platform, indicating very high engagement levels. ZEE5’s content is consumed by a mostly young audience, with around 77% of its users belonging to the 18-34 year age bracket. Given how wide, diverse and engaged an audience ZEE5 has, advertising in ZEE5 through releaseMyAd is highly recommended to broaden your brand reach and increase your sales.

ZEE5 is a versatile platform for streaming and downloading videos, and the use of in-stream ads on ZEE5 is the perfect way to grab the attention of viewers. releaseMyAd helps you get your brand message across to your desired audience through video ads in ZEE5 app. Being at the forefront of the mobile advertising revolution, releaseMyAd guarantees you the maximum reach through advertising in ZEE5 app.

Why advertise on ZEE5?

releaseMyAd, with its rich experience in the advertising world, makes mobile and app advertising simple. We make advertising in ZEE5 swift and easy. A few clicks are all it requires to make your ad campaign go live. Follow these 5 steps to launch your ad campaign in the ZEE5 app.

1.Select the ZEE5 App
From the list of apps on the releaseMyAd platform, select the ZEE5 app.
2. Set Campaign
Set the budget for your ad campaign on ZEE5 as well as the dates and duration you want it to run for.
3. Go Live
Give us your ad creatives for ZEE5 according to the specifications on our platform, make the payment and launch your ad campaign!
4. Track Performance
Get real-time data and live updates from us about your campaign’s performance. Our daily reports enable you to keep a check on your campaign’s performance.
5. Optimise Campaign
With our daily reports and live updates, you can make changes to the ad campaign as deemed necessary to optimise performance.

Why advertise on ZEE5 through releaseMyAd?